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Buying a home from home during Covid-19


You can take advantage of all-time low interest rates and do much of the home buying
process from the comfort of your home. As our nation deals with the threat of COVID19, I'm offering the following services to maintain your health, safety, and peace of
Virtual Tours
I'm happy to preview homes you are interested in by offering a virtual tour. Ask
questions during a live video tour or I can send you a recording!
Email Notes and Seller Disclosures
Often, there are seller disclosures and notes associated with a listing that are not
available to consumers. I can email you details about your top listings.
Private Showing
With regard to social distancing, we can set up a private showing to ensure no other
potential buyers are viewing the home at the same time.
With interest rates at an all-time low, it is a great time to buy! And with today's
technology, much of the process can be done from your home. Please feel free to reach
out with any questions